1814 Brownsville Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15210


Esther’s Sweet Shop was started by Esther and Karl Wolfson in the fall of 1973.


Esther's son Robert continues to carry on the family candy making tradition with the same high quality and standards started by Esther and Karl.

Robert is also known for his old-fashioned hard tack candy. He hand pulls the flavored hard candy and then it is cut in pillow shapes and rolled in powdered sugar. His hard tack candy is a local favorite.

Our commitment to quality remains as strong today as it was back then, "use only the best ingredients combined with pure milk chocolate". Family recipes cooked in copper kettles in our kitchen, then dipped and hand drizzled are what makes Esther's candies" one of the finest candies available today!


We ship anywhere in the U.S.

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Esther’s Homemade Candy has been a proud member of Retail Confectioners International for over

40 years.

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Esther's Homemade Candy

1814 Brownsville Road  Pittsburgh, PA 15210


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